How will the eco-tax work in Mallorca

You have to pay in:

  • Tourist accommodation
  • Cruises
  • Hotels

You do not pay under 16 years old.

Residents staying in the Islands will also pay.

The tax will vary between 0.5 and €2 in high season, and between 0.2 and €1 in low.

It is estimated that you between 50 and 80 million euros, which will be allocated for environmental purposes:

  • Protection, preservation and recovery of the natural environment
  • Improvements in the quality and competitiveness of the tourism sector
  • Deseasonalisation premium and tourist product creation
  • Improvement of sustainable tourism infrastructure
  • Historical and cultural heritage

You will be charged from the second quarter of the year 2016.

Diario de Mallorca, 14.10.2015

The new ‘sustainable tourism tax’ of the Balearic Islands will be a direct assessment, with character finalist and will be charged to natural persons in hotels, homes that are marketed as tourist accommodation and cruises, and will cost up to 2 euros in high season.

The Government has presented the draft of this tax that is expected to cash in mid-2016 and that they will not pay less than 16 years and Yes be credited both tourists and residents of the Balearic Islands.

The President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, Vice President and Minister of innovation, research and tourism Biel Barcelo, and the Secretary of finance and public administration, Catalina Cladera, have presented today at press conference the draft of this new tax whose revenues will have many purposes.

In particular, the future “sustainable tourism tax” will go to the protection, preservation and recovery of the natural, rural and marine environment; improvement of the quality and competitiveness of the tourism sector; promotion of the deseasonalisation premium and creation of tourist product and tourism promotion.

It will also serve to the development of sustainable tourism-related infrastructures; recovery and rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage; impulse projects of scientific research, development and technological innovation (r + d + I) that contribute to the diversification of economic or related to the tourism field; and improvement of training and the quality of employment in the tourism sector.


The new “sustainable tourism tax” in the Balearic Islands will raise between 50 and 80 million euros every year, as it has completed today the Secretary of finance and public administration, Catalina Cladera.

The tax will be charged on all types of tourist accommodation in the Balearic Islands and cruise ships and cost will be 0.50 cent to 2 euros per day and tourists staying in the season, depending on the type of establishment. In low season will be charged 0.25 cents to 1 euro.

Initially, the Government expected to collect this tax for all tourists from the second quarter of next year, once the regional executive and the Balearic Parliament approve it.

Tax is a finalist and the Executive has insisted the environmental character of this new assessment.

Source Diario de Mallorca

5 thoughts on “How will the eco-tax work in Mallorca”

  1. We have visited Mallorca for many years and contributed substantial amounts to the local economy. In return we were warmly welcomed and every effort was made on our part to respect local residents, culture and the environment.
    The imposition of the tourist tax, to be doubled next year, combined with the anti-tourist sentiment has deterred us from coming to Mallorca next year and choosing instead to holiday in Portugal.
    This is a great shame and, with no evidence of improvements in resort infrastructure, tourists will be discouraged from holidaying in Mallorca.

    1. Hola Peter,

      Thanks for your contribution. We really apreciate it. We are very concerned with the current situation, and we don’t approve this new anti-tourist sentiment. But the reality is this year the amount of tourist was massive, and we need to regulate it in some sustainable way. We are trying to renew the tourism concept in places as S’Arenal and Magaluf.
      About the change of the tourist tax, it is a politicians decision, in which we do not have much hope, their ideas are mostly to rise taxes.
      About your decision to visit Portugal, it is a very good idea, it is lovely, and we are sure you will enjoy it. Its good also when tourist don’t repeat every year the same holidays place.
      Best regards,
      Pedro Adrover

  2. I don’t know if this is a page to ask a question , but really like to know where can I pay for this tax ? In mallorca? My gestor has no idear and by Internet I failed
    Many thanks michelle

    1. Hola Michelle,
      You can check our recently translated post about the thema:

      You need to register yourself in the ATIB, Balearic Tax office, to transfer the information of the form models 700 and 790 through the internet. And to procede with the payment to the ATIB.

      Here you have the link to the web of the ATIB, and the phones and email on the bottom.


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